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Energy Saving Wattages

What is the equivalent wattage for energy saving lamps?

Energy saving lamps use a lot less electricity than traditional light bulbs (typically between 60-80% less) and require a much lower wattage to produce the same amount of light.

Currently, the equivalent wattage can vary slightly between different lamps and different manufacturers but most good lamps will carry a conversion table on the packaging to help you to decide which lamp you need.

In general, however, the wattage of most energy saving light bulbs will be within certain ranges, as shown in the table below.


Energy Saving Wattage Equivalent
25W Normal Lamp
4 - 6W Energy Lamp
40W Normal Lamp
8 - 11W Energy Lamp
60W Normal Lamp
13 - 18W Energy Lamp
100W Normal Lamp
20 - 25W Energy Lamp

Cost Saving Example

An example of a yearly saving by running an 18W Energy Saving lamp instead of a normal 80W lamp


Energy Saving Comparison
  Normal Lamp Energy Saving Lamp
Hours Run per Day
6 hours
6 hours
Price per KW
Number of Lamps
Cost per Day
Cost per Year


Annual Saving of £28.03