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Efficient Warehouse Luminaire - EWL

Efficient Warehouse Luminaire
    Efficient Warehouse Luminaire

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The EWL has been developed to meet the rising demand for a cost effective alternative to traditional Highbay or Lowbay lighting.

Longer Life and More Efficient

The EWL incorporates the use of T5 lamp technology. The T5 lamps we select are specially designed to operate with high frequency control gear, which reduces operational losses and increases the overall efficiency of the lighting system. Our T5 lamps have an average lamp life of 30,000 hours and in comparison to other lamps, are up to 5 times more efficient.

Further Benefits

The T5 lamps provide an excellent colour rendering and high lumen maintenance. High frequency lighting is flicker free which greatly reduces the incidence of headaches and eye strain, thus improving workplace quality and productivity.

UK Manufactured

The fully welded body is manufactured in the UK using high quality sheet steel and is powder coated for durability. The body is also designed with a rear access panel to allow ease of wiring without disturbing the front of the luminaire. The reflectors are manufactured from Miro 4 which offers a reflectivity of 98% for maximum efficiency.

Optional Benefits

The EWL is available with either a branded Light Level sensor or an occupancy sensor. Both options provide economic savings. By using a Light Level sensor energy consumption is reduced by lowering light output when sufficient daylight is present. This does not switch the luminaire, it simply adjusts the light output between 100% and minimum. For areas that are not continually occupied, we can offer the EWL with an occupancy sensor. Again this sensor will allow the lumaires to dim and brighten according to the level of natural light as well as respond to the movements that occur. Personnel entering an area will automatically activate the lighting and when they leave the lights automatically switch off and will only come on again when the area is occupied once more.



Ideal for replacing traditional 400W Lowbay fittings in a busy warehouse with no external light entering the building.  Typical energy saving against the 400W fitting is 221 circuit watts per fitting.

Light Level

As the standard fitting, but in addition the light output is reduced if a degree of ambient light is present, giving significant energy savings.
Minimum savings against a 400W fitting is 221 circuit watts with no dimming, then additional savings are gained dependant on the amount of natural light entering the building.  Customers are reporting on average of an additional 30% energy saving, giving average savings in the region of 305 circuit watts against a 400W traditional fitting.

Light Level and Occupancy combination

Similar in function to the light level fitting but with the additional facility of being able to detect movement.
The fitting will switch to a predetermined brightness from zero or a preset level up to maximum brightness.  The fitting can be programmed from the ground with a variety of different switching options.
Additional savings are in addition to the light level fitting; these can be anything from 305 circuit watts to 410 circuit watts.

3 hours maintained (M3) emergency option available on all versions.

EWL Technical Data Sheet
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Occupancy SensorOptional Occupancy and Light Level SensorEfficient Warehouse Luminaire Wire GuardOptional Wire
Mesh GuardEfficient Warehouse Luminaire V Clips and GlandComes with 4 x V-Clips and GlandEfficient Warehouse Luminaire Light Level ensorLight Level Sensor Version available