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          Low Energy and LED Lighting designed around YOU and YOUR BUSINESS  

Commercial LED Lighting

Innovative LED Lighting

BENEFITS OF LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Low power consumption

Lighting class LED’s achieve high luminous efficacy (Lumens/Watt)

Long Life

Lamp changing and lamp failures are a thing of the past.  LED lighting has an expected life of up to 100,000 hours.

Maintenance Savings

No routine maintenance is required to ensure continued performance.


They put light where it is required, resulting in minimum wastage.  This is a hidden advantage often overlooked.

No Toxic Mercury

As LED’s contain no mercury, they burn very cool, while incandescent lamps emit 98% of their energy as heat!

Reliable and Sturdy Light Source

LED’s have no fragile filament or tube to contend with.  Resistant to heat, cold and vibrational shock.

Inaccessible Areas

LED fixtures are useful for installation in relatively inaccessible locations, without the hassle of repeatedly replacing lamps.

Colour Options

Various colours available including colour changing power LED’s 

Instant Light

Turning on instantly makes them ideal for applications subject to frequent on-off cycling.


New Vision Lighting’s Bespoke Manufacturing Service

Tested and guaranteed fittings

All our LED fittings are tested for a minimum of 72 hours prior to despatch. Junction temperature calculations guarantee the stated life of the fitting.

Customer needs

Detail customer requirements are considered prior to manufacture, some points to consider are the mounting position, ambient temperature, corrosion resistance, beam angle, colour, switching and driver positioning.


It is quite easy to quote fantastic energy savings and initial light output figures.

The basic LED technology remains the same, if an LED is over driven (i.e. the circuit is forcibly run with too much power going through it) and the additional heat generated is not removed quickly, the initial light output can drop over the life of the LED by as much as 60% or to total failure.

Efficiency can also be lost by over driving inferior LED chips resulting in twice the energy consumption and the efficiency dropping to around 65-70%.

If we guarantee our fittings to have a minimum expected life of 50,000 hours, we know that after that length of time the fitting will still be giving out 90% of its initial light output.  Whilst we cannot guarantee our products forever, if the fitting does fail after its expected life, we would inspect it and, if possible, fit a new circuit board containing the latest LED technology for a fraction of the initial purchase price of the fitting.

Our fittings are designed to accommodate advances in technology with minimal alteration; this makes it extremely cost effective and ensures we are up to date with the latest products.

At New Vision Lighting all our premier range of LED fittings are engineered with the view to them lasting in excess of 10 years.  The heat sinks we manufacture are designed and tested to allow the LED to run as efficient as possible with minimal light level reduction over the years.

Simply comparing the size and weight of our products compared to other manufactures is reassurance on its own, however as they say size is not everything, by using Die from world leading manufacturers such as Cree we can offer a range of products which we can guarantee are between 90-95% efficient (the Die is the small silicon wafer that goes into the LED).

CREE Xlamp Range

Maintenance Savings

We are committed to a process of constant improvement and quality manufacturing; subsequently any of the above specifications may change without prior notice.

Whilst we strive to ensure our customers are benefiting from the latest most cost effective and efficient LED products available, we have designed tried where possible to have designed them to be virtually zero maintenance.  The savings that can be made are absolutely enormous when all the labour and health and safety issues are considered in the average busy commercial environment.


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